things of late

hi friends…

i am going to act like i haven’t neglected you all for the past month and a half…and just pick up where i left off.  how does that sound?  life has gotten busy – i am studying for my professional exams, working through taking them, and traveling for work. between these things, it seems there is not much time left in a day.

today we went for a long hike and are setting up for a fire tonight.  please excuse how old some of these photos are….i’m still catching my breath from christmas, people. let’s recap since december….obviously besides our nyc trip and work.

december recap | madeline made

{christmas gifts, christmas picture, our christmas card, new/old polaroid toy}

january recap | madeline made

{happy new year, juice cleanse, flying home from nyc, open window weather}

february recap | madeline made

{outdoor movies, flowers from my valentines, leed exam studies, valentine’s date}

nyc pics coming this week.  also…we can’t stop watching this.

xoxo madeline

4 thoughts on “things of late

  1. hi madeline, i just wanted to thank you for your incredibly sweet comments on my blog. you and your husband are absolutely adorable and it looks like you have had a lovely few months. i’m super envious that you were able to watch outdoor movies in february…it has been wayyyy too cold here to be outside for more than 30 minutes at a time!

    welcome back to the blogging world, really looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you better!! i hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


    • thank you, molly! looking forward to following your blog too! this winter has been tough, but we are lucky to have mild weather in tennessee. would love to hear more about your freelance journey on your blog and how things turned out for you. you will see sampson from time to time on mine 🙂


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