hairpin ottoman restyle

Our weekend has been full of much needed family time as my sister and brother-in-law were in town from Houston. A weekend of reunions – family, neighborhood, old friends, and sisters. Every time my sister and I see one another it is like no time has passed; for this I am thankful, because I can not go long without her in my life.

With some time to reflect on Sunday night in front of the firepit, I thought I might share my hairpin ottoman restyle story. Our home is a 50’s rancher with a lot of character – but we are still working on making this character look current. Insert picture of wood panelling.

{before: living room with wood coffee table}

photo (4)

We have been ‘borrowing’ this wooden coffee table to pair with our 9′ (?!?!) long sofa because not many tables will work with it. How do you arrange furniture in this forever long room? I was out shopping in the antique district in Nashville and ran into Pre-Post Modern, a local favorite. I spotted this hairpin leg ottoman and snatched it up.

{vintage ottoman find}

photo (6)

The atomic ranch fabric may work for some – but not our style, so I started shopping around for fabrics. I have seen a lot lately in bold graphic black and white that I have liked and later almost settled on a navy velvet. I went home to mull it over and looked through old fabric scraps and found something that will work for the interim – the fabric I chose is still busy enough to not show every imperfection.

{fabric shopping: graphic stripe + navy velvet}


It took a couple of hours total to transform the piece – I unscrewed the legs, suspended them and spray painted them gold with trusty Rustoleum brass spray paint. I love this product and highly recommend. There were not 1, not 2, but 6 layers of old, dingy fabric under the atomic ranch fabric. Removing the staples went quickly with a flathead screwdriver and pliers. The foam was in decent shape so I cut the fabric to size, restapled to the frame, and replaced the legs. This is the easiest upholstery job for amateurs like myself.

{stripping the old fabric and staples}


{after: ottoman still drying}


I really love the final product in our home and we have enjoyed having a place to kick up our feet or work on our computers. We are planning on also using hairpin legs on our DIY dining table – post coming soon.

{living room with new ottoman}

Living Room



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